Daniel Bland’s Open Letter to Charlie Sheen:


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Let me begin by expressing my gratitude and respect for your honorable decision to turn up the heat on this evil conspiracy which has invaded our country from within our own borders.  You are a very brave man, and deserve the respect of every true blooded American citizen!

I started blogging this year on 7/7, and my intention was to share with my family, friends, and the entire world the fact that we have been deceived by an nearly inconceivable evil conspiracy.  Tonight I watched the History Channel’s 9/11 Conspiracy Hit Piece, and I began to get angry as I watched their propaganda!  Their distortion of the truth disturbed me so deeply that, God had to calm my soul by sending me the vision of how we can finally settle this debate………..ONCE AND FOR ALL!

When people tell lies, they often end up getting caught because of the inherent human need to tell more and more lies to cover up the original lie.  I know this because I was a bad liar as a child, and this is one of the main reasons I always got busted.  Since I could never get away with being a liar, there is no reason the same shouldn’t apply to the true conspirators behind the 9/11 False Flag Attack, the worst domestic attack in the history of our great nation.

I believe the Flight 93 story will prove to be the lie that will finally awaken America, it serves the true conspirators well since they felt the need to make movies about their big lie.  I have seen an abundance of troubling information regarding this flight, and I will re-post some of it at the end of this letter.  The biggest reason I have such a hard time with the “official” Flight 93 story, is because I have never seen photographic or video evidence of another plane crash in history where there was absolutely NO visible aircraft debris remaining.  This crash was so powerful that it destroyed a huge metal airliner, yet driver’s licenses magically survived unscathed?  Red bandanas worn by the “Muslim” hijackers miraculously survived a crash that completely demolished a HUGE metal airliner?   Seriously?  Aren’t bandanas traditionally made of cotton?  It’s a miracle they survived the inferno!  Maybe they were fireproof bandanas only used by elite “Muslim” hijackers?

Beyond these issues, I have also seen a video which allegedly shows satellite imagery of the Shanksville crash site from 1994 where the long scar in the ground pre-dated 9/11/01 by at least seven years, and possibly much longer.  What about  the strange passenger phone calls from Flight 93, especially those of Cee Cee Lyles and Mark Bingham?  How did they identify all the passenger’s remains when multiple first responders reported seeing absolutely no signs of human remains at the crash site?

Let’s get this straight, the crash completely destroyed the entire metal plane and left absolutely no sign of human remains, yet driver’s licenses and cotton bandanas magically survived to support the “official” government backed conspiracy theory.

As you are probably well aware, the Flight 93 flew directly over the greater Cleveland area before turning around, or so the story goes.  There were multiple witnesses who reported two planes grounded at the Cleveland Airport, and at least one brief media report (later retracted) that Flight 93 landed at the Cleveland Airport.  Many people believe the NASA building at the Cleveland Airport was a crime scene on September 11, 2001.

As we begin to connect the dots of Flight 93, we find a story which reads eerily similar the Operations Northwoods/Mongoose documents which remained classified “Top Secret” for many years, but were declassified in 1997 and are now available for anyone to read on-line at  archives.gov.   The declassified documents contain senior level military planning to conduct false flag terror attacks inside the United States as a pretext to invade Cuba.  Here is an excerpt from the memos which were drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and signed off on by the chairman, Lyman Lemnitzer in 1962………

b. We could blow up a drone (unmanned) vessel anywhere in the Cuban waters. We could arrange to cause such incident in the vicinity of Havana or Santiago as a spectacular result of Cuban attack from the air or sea, or both. The presence of Cuban planes or ships merely investigating the intent of the vessel could be fairly compelling evidence that the ship was taken under attack. The nearness to Havana or Santiago would add credibility especially to those people that might have heard the blast or have seen the fire. The US could follow up with an air/sea rescue operation covered by US fighters to “evacuate” remaining members of the non-existent crew. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.

All this evidence, plus much more, has been readily available to the general public for many years.  Once I discovered the truth behind 9/11, I thought my family and friends would join me in demanding justice on behalf of the victims of the attacks, especially once I began sharing all the evidence with them.  However, they remain unconvinced which means they need just a little more proof.  Mr. Sheen, if you will accept my “Open Letter” into your 9/11 Contest, I will use the $14,000.00 prize money as a down payment of a Boeing 757-222 that we can crash straight into the ground to recreate the Shanksville crash site.  We can fill it full of jet fuel, and use remote control technology to fly it straight into the ground at full throttle.  Once people see the crash wreckage, the remaining “official story” supporters will immediately realize that they have believed a terrible lie for eight plus years..  Hey, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about because I remained duped for over seven years myself.

The US Government spent $175,000,000.00+ to investigate the Columbia disaster where we tragically lost the lives of seven astronauts.   Yet they only spent $15M to investigate the worst homeland attacks in the history of our country?   The 9/11 Attacks claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent Americans.  That tragic morning has led us to spend trillions of dollars on wars, trillions of dollars in financial bail-outs, and we’ve sat idle as the constitution is being shredded before our eyes.  Given all that, flying a jet into the ground seems like bargain!  Where are our priorities?  Mr. Sheen, you and I both know the government will not fund this exposure of their involvement in the attacks, so it will be up to us.  Our investment will be a small price to pay for putting an end to this evil system of greed based tyranny, and future generations will remember you as a True American Hero!

To summarize, let’s work to recreate the Flight 93 crash scene, with an open and honest experiment to determine whether we can create a second magical plane disappearing act by crashing an identical plane into the ground at full speed.  This will settle the debate once and for all, and America can finally reunite!  It will be much cheaper than the Columbia Investigation, and they can’t hide this information under the guise of “national security”.  What do you say, Mr. Sheen?

Let’s drive a stake jet into the ground and see what happens.

“Ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country.”


Let the awakening begin!!!!!

Daniel Edd Bland III

Here are some of the more interesting videos regarding Flight 93:

Just because the Delta flight did actually land in Cleveland, does not mean that Flight 93 didn’t land there also? When were the transponders turned off?

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93 Responses to “Daniel Bland’s Open Letter to Charlie Sheen:”

  1. Cameron T. says:

    “If someone wants to try to get in my way, I wish them all the luck I can offer because they will need all that, and then some! If you don’t want to help me…….that’s fine, you can just thank me when I’m finished!”

    Yikes, that sounds serious. I don’t think anyone is trying to get in the way of your revolution. I’m just giving my opinion of what happened. Mine just happens to have some facts and evidence sprinkled in there..

  2. If one of the corner columns was knocked out, shouldn’t the building have fallen towards that side? We all know how easy it is to photoshop pictures these days. If these pictures were in fact real and really of Building 7, why were they kept from the public so long after 9/11? Read or listen to this radio interview where Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics’ gets smoked on a radio interview. Notice what he says about their investigation into Building 7.

    If they had this evidence from the beginning, why would they not release it?

    Here is some more video from the BBC……

    Notice Barry Jennings in that video? He had an interesting first hand story…..until he was murdered. Here is some of his first hand accounts of what happened that day.

    You can easily find more info on Barry Jennings including his full interviews by searching his name on youtube.com

    Daniel Bland

  3. Cameron-

    “Yikes, that sounds serious.” Make no mistake, I am dead serious!

    Let’s forget for a moment that 60% of the Bush/Cheney appointed 9/11 Commission Members have stated publicly and “on the record” that they were lied to and there was a concerted effort by the Bush administration to hide the truth. Let’s forget about the Anthrax attacks which immediately followed 9/11 which were designed to take the public’s focus off of 9/11 (attacks that we now know originated inside a US Army Base). Let’s forget the fact that multiple of the government named suicide hijackers have surfaced alive. Let’s forget for a moment about no large debris in Shanksville? Let’s forget about the lack of video showing a 757 flying into the Pentagon. Let’s forget about watching Bush laugh as he claims to have watched the first plane hit the tower on a television at the school (this is incrediblely damning IMO).

    Let’s forget about Loose Change, and all the changes to the “official” unproven government offered conspiracy theory. Let’s forget about all the additional evidence that I could continue providing. If you can watch the documentary 9/11: Press for Truth and still not support calls for a new open and independent investigation with subpoena powers, then I obviously do not know you as well as I thought. I know you are a good person with a good heart. I know that it is hard to imagine that people within our own government would attack innocent American citizens as a pretext for building a global police state. Remember, I believed the “official” conspiracy for seven years. I fell for the lies harder than most people because I joined the US Army in a Combat Arms MOS, just three months after the attacks. I felt defending my family, friends, and fellow countrymen from the people who attacked us was a cause worth dying for, and I still stand by this belief. When I raised my right hand, I swore to defend this country against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC! The evidence is clear that our enemies are within our own borders, no matter how hard that is for us to accept.
    I still believe that America is the greatest country in world history, but we have some house cleaning to do in order to keep it that way. Please take the time to watch this incredible documentary. Again, if you don’t support a new investigation after watching this, then you never will. I have no problem carrying on the fight by myself if necessary. I hope you’ll let us know what you thought of it.


    Thanks for helping to keep the debate alive. I’m sorry if I come across rude or condescending sometimes. I hope you understand that it’s never personal. I’m am very passionate about this, and will not back down or rest until we get the truth regarding what really happened on September 11, 2001.


  4. Cameron T says:

    Fair enough! I appreciate your passion.

    The more important question is – Are yall going to Jackonville next weekend??

    (Kidding about it being more important, of course)…

  5. Dan "not Daniel" says:

    I’ve only got one question. If Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC championship will the then get to play in the National championship?

  6. jackson tyree says:

    they are allready screwing with your blog if you write anything thats extensive they say your sites busy and you lose your comments , oh and by the way americablog deleted your post of last night , jackson

  7. jackson tyree says:

    anyway i just wrote an indepth lenthy example why the twin towers were becomeing un profitable and expendable because of the asbestoes removal ordered by the epa , and why if i were a terriorist bent on revenge id consitrate all my resorces on destroying targets such as the whitehouse or the house of congess ! being trained in asbestoes removal i know the problems and expence involved in removeing it!

  8. NWO Observer says:

    Hi Daniel. Thanks a lot for your comments and the links. It’s very important that people blog to spread information and fight the corporate media. Really like your blog; i’ll try to come visit it more often.

    Cheers mate and keep on blogging!!!

  9. jackson tyree says:

    ok dan so let me tell you a bit about myself , im a 75 yr old korean war vet and fairly sloppy in my spelling ect , and like you i thought for a long while that 19 arabs actualy were able to pull 911 off thanks to the disinformation put out by the government , that is untill i saw lose change and then building 7 jumped out at me , and i remembered a small footnote from my watching the news on 911 where thier was a small report that one other smaller building allso colapsed but thier was no elabororation as to how big building 7 was if thier was i didnt see it, everybody was concintrating on the twin towers , anyway that started me to really get into what happened that day, then checking back i saw reporters asking rudy giuliani being asked why he had moved his office personel from his newly remodeled office spaces from building 7 just days before 911, his reply was ………i was warned not to be there , but i dont remember the reporters asking who warned you? or if you were warned why did you not inform others about your warning ? especialy since you took the warning seriously enough to move farther away from your office that had had reinforced window glass and other protective inprovments that would help keep your personel safe from attacks,

  10. jackson tyree says:

    then i saw the video of silverstien saying on the news that since his building 7 was on fire he had asked the fire dept to go ahead and pull building 7 because thier had allready been so much death and destruction that day,since pulling a building is a demolution term and no fire dept is trained to bring down a building thats as big as building 7 by explosives and since it takes weeks to prepare a building like 7 for destruction how is it that it was accomplished when even the fire dept denies it brought down building 7, as for the claims building 7 was dammaged by one of the towers as some claim how is it thats true when 7 was two blocks from the towers and the towers came straight down, its not possible a main beam holding 7 up was dammaged and as you said even if that were true it would not have came straight down like the towers!

  11. jackson tyree says:

    and why did the insurence companys pay silverstien when it was his decision to keep the fire dept from saveing building 7? how is it that people were warned to stand clear of building 7 because it was going to collapse? and wouldnt it have been insane to keep generator fuel on an upper floor in building 7? as ive said any blog thats on line is most probably monatored by the government and of course they have trolls paid to give disinformation and spout the 911 commision report drivel , as i said and its just my opinion 911 was on the behaf of the american criminals who needed a new pearl harbor used the best orginisation for the plans and carrying out 911 , the mossad, people say the bush gang were not smart enough to plan such an event , while that may be true the mossad is, they have demolition teams second to none , and a planning section par excalent, and they certainly had a stake in the results of 911!

  12. jackson tyree says:

    as for the twin towers and thoes two planes going into them im well aware of the possibilitys that both were airliner drones haveing seen while i was on a destroyer just how easy they could have used drones because even in 1954 the navy was useing radio controlled actual fighter aircraft to simmulate attacks on my ship, corsairs and adf sky raiders , haveing been a gunner on my destroyer i remember we went from useing canvas sleaves towed behind large aircraft in 52 to actual fighters radio controlled in 54, im sure they have made many improvments since then , one of the things they probably installed in the towers were homeing devices for the last part of hitting the towers!

  13. jackson tyree says:

    as to why they didnt use actual airliners fo the deception of flight 93 and the pentagon is most likely because either they only had two drone airliners for that part of the illusion or thier was to much that could have gone wrong useing actual airliners it was to convienent that all the videos of the crash at the pentagon were seized by the fbi or who ever immidiatly after this event let alone the unbelievable possibility that an airliner could have completly went into a hole wings and all and completly burnt up, and that it hit the least importent section of the pentagon!

  14. Dan "not Daniel" says:

    Silverstein invests 15,000,000 in the Spring of 2001 and his return is


  15. This house of cards is coming down soon! I guarantee it!

  16. Jackson-

    Thanks for taking the time to share a little about yourself. Thank you for your service to this country. It is clear that you have a better understanding of the truth than most Americans, and it’s good to see an older American war veteran publicly speaking the truth. I especially respect the fact that you are willing to do so using your real name (or at least what appears to be your real name). The truth that we have been incredibly deceived regarding what really happened on 9/11 should be crystal clear to anyone who has thoroughly and objectively looked at all the available evidence. The question is………how do you awaken a nation to the fact that they have been living a lie for at least decades, and most likely centuries? No one likes to admit they are wrong. This is where we need to focus our efforts. We know the truth, so now we need to focus our efforts and resources on the best method to irrefutably demonstrate to the masses the extent of the lie we have been living. We will succeed! I have not a single doubt about it!

    Thanks for your efforts and interest in helping!

    Daniel Bland

  17. Silverstein should definitely be investigated!

  18. Thanks NWO Observer! I have your site bookmarked and check it daily. Someone must man the guard towers for the unsuspecting public, and I’m glad that people like you are out there helping! Some of my friends who disagree with the truth have mentioned taking the “blue pill”, and I think they need to start taking for of that “red pill” at NWO Observer. Every Blandy Land regular should bookmark this link, and check it daily!



    Daniel Bland

  19. I wish man! You guys have fun, and be sure to put Pruitt and your brother through the paces for me. Show ‘em how old their getting! You guys have fun, and cheer the Dawgs on for us! I’ll be helping passionately from the ATL getting ready for the Halloween Party!

    Something we’ll always agree on………GO DAWGS!


  20. tyree says:

    dan this is all well and good information but i believe its you who are going to have to make your case to any viewers on here with personal comments rather then just showing footage from collected videos , ive been searching for a long time for a blog thats dedicated to 911, since ive been run off many times from crooks and liars and a few times from americablog while discussing 911 with posters who allso dont believe 19 arabs defeated the us airforce and the american people on 911, and so far my search has been frustrating looking for such a blog , while im sure of your conviction of getting the message out to the blogers i think your not getting the job done, no offence intended , thier are still many like myself hungry for the truth to come out and wanting to mix it up on views and with thier opinnions , i dont know how long you have had this blog or what your all about , how old are you? what do you do for a liveing ? ect ect, how much time do you spend atending to buisness on your blog ? and you could use a better blog setup , denoteing 911 is this blogs main topic, thier are plenty of run of the mill blogs that produce political junk like crooks and liars wich by the way has just become a joke after being taken over by the obama botts who are mostly interested in just one line jokes they make up about sarah palin ect ect, thoes blogs are controlled mostly by blog owners interested in just makeing a buck off advertisment and the botts who love to kiss each others butts , anyway just some thoughts from an old hand from the blogs jackson tyree

  21. Yes! If Georgia can find a way to with the SEC Championship, after the SEC’s success over the last decade it would be very difficult to exclude the SEC Champion.

  22. Show a little patience Jackson. I am 30 years old, and I sell office equipment for a living. I would like to dedicate as much time as possible to these efforts, but I have to balance my time some for now. This journey will only be successful because of the spiritual forces which I believe are driving it. I have not tried to generate any ad revenue or asked for any site donations yet. However, I do plan on breaking the mold of the current profit motive, but the plan will be revealed as it is revealed to me. Unfortunately we are not running by my clock. Stay tuned, and keep an eye how this progresses. I hope to launch a revolutionary new campaign for truth on 11/11. This craziness that is going on unbeknownst to the general public is driven by forces much larger than you and I, Jackson. I have no doubt that God will be leading us to victory. I do not know the exact timing or how exactly it will go down, but I assure you that it is coming! Patience is a virtue! One that I have always struggled with, but I believe that our moment is almost here! Keep up the fight!


  23. tyree says:

    well dan i know patience for what it is and just as i have waited these many years for a change in our government from republican scumbags to democrat what i now believe to be corporate scumbags of both partys ive given up most of my hopes im sorry to say, the truth is time for me is running out at 75 i dont believe ill be around to see how this movie ends, in any event i hope you see the day when the american people wise up and take the government away from these corporations who are sucking the life out of the country i fought for , believe me were i younger id have more patience then i have now , anyway good luck to you , by the lead line six jackson

  24. Dan "not Daniel" says:

    Okay Daniel I’m becoming more and more convinced that there needs to be another more thorough investigation into 9/11. I have been watching a series of videos that in my opinion provide enough information to get even the most skeptical citizens thinking that there may have been others involved with the attacks than just the 19 hijackers with box cutters.
    please watch this series of videos starting with the first below but be sure and watch all of them because they don’t get really interesting until the 3rd.


  25. tyree says:

    asbestoes , the gift that keeps on giveing

  26. Diane H. says:

    One important argument for demolition, especially for WTC 1 & 2, is that these towers were designed to withstand the impact of a 747 which is as big as a 757 (maybe bigger, I don’t remember). They designed it this way because of the plane that crashed into the Empire State Bldg. Also, the fires couldn’t have been hot enough to melt the steel. Notice the black smoke soon after the crash. The first sign of a fire starving for oxygen is the black smoke. Firefighters thought they had it under control when suddenly the building starts falling.

  27. tyree says:

    thats right DAN H , actually they were sesighned to withstand two of thoes planes hitting them , and your right about the fires being oxygen starved , and if youll notice the drone that hit building two the one that was hit second and went down first had is major fuel blown to the outside of the building!

  28. tyree says:

    sorry desighned

  29. Dan "not Daniel" says:

    If you’ll reimagine a plane crashing into
    a skyscaper about 3/4ths of the way
    up of course damaging one side more than
    the other. Now let’s say the damage is great
    enough to cause the above 1/4th of the building
    to collapse.
    Now here’s the question. In which direction
    should the above portion fall?
    Common sense tells most of us that it should fall in the direction of most
    damage like a tree being chopped down.
    Is that the way the tops of both towers fell. No! Those tops fell
    though the path of MOST RESISTANCE! Straight down through itself.

  30. A.Wright says:

    Extract from a newsletter from DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team ) January 2002

    DMORT III Update
    By Paul Sledzik
    Commander, DMORT III

    While several DMORT teams were deployed to New York to assist in the World Trade Center collapse response, the members of DMORT III traveled to Somerset, Pennsylvania, to provide victim identification services for the crash of United 93. The flight, which crashed in nearby Shanksville, carried 38 passengers and 6 crew. Among the passengers were four terrorists.

    The Pennsylvania Team

    The response was augmented by personnel from several other DMORT regions, in addition to two new DMORT specialty teams. Local responders and members of the state funeral director association also provided assistance. The team arrived on September 13 at the Somerset County National Guard armory, where the morgue had been organized. After meeting with the local and federal authorities, the team went to work on setting up the morgue operation. The local jurisdiction did a superb job of providing basic equipment for the facility.

    This response marked several firsts, all of note because of their importance for future responses. These included the deployment of the DNA team, the establishment of protocols documenting the operation of each morgue section, responding under a memorandum of understanding with the FBI, the response of the FAC team and the collection of family blood reference samples, the inclusion of a formal triage station as the first morgue station, and the first use of the Kenyon International Services mobile morgue.

    The FBI was the lead authority in the investigation because of the criminal nature of the crash. Although victim identification responsibilities resided with the local coroner, his capabilities were severely taxed. Attempts to have the site declared a federal disaster through the state proved unsuccessful. The FBI stepped in to establish a memorandum with HHS that allowed DMORT to respond. During the activation, the crash site was under the control of the FBI; the DMORT operation focused on the morgue and the family assistance center.

    Since the DMORT morgue was deployed to New York, we relied on the mobile morgue of Kenyon International Services, Inc. Kenyon did an outstanding job of outfitting the morgue and providing supplies for the operation. The Kenyon team served as the “red shirts”, locating supplies through local channels, tracking down unique equipment, and supporting the morgue operation to the fullest.

    Pennsylvania Morgue Site

    In their first response, the DMORT DNA team, headed by Dr. Joyce deJong, worked closely with personnel from the Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab (AFDIL). Given the particulars of the crash, DNA identification played a primary role in this response. The DNA team had trained earlier in 2001 at AFDIL, and the coordinated response with AFDIL proved beneficial.

    The DMORT Family Assistance Center team, who had just completed training a few weeks before September 11, had their first chance to deploy to Pennsylvania and New York. In Pennsylvania, the team was headed by Cindy Arnold. The FAC team worked out of the Seven Spring Mountain resort, the site of the family center established by United Airlines. They worked closely with United, the Red Cross, and the NTSB to collect victim information. The national travel restrictions posed some problems in obtaining records, and some families chose not to travel to the assistance center. Collecting family reference blood samples for DNA analysis was established. A DMAT nurse collected and documented the samples from family members and helped to collect direct reference samples.

    Given the legal investigative aspects of the crash, a decision was made to produce written protocols for each section of the morgue operation. Under the direction of Marilyn London, each section of the morgue operation produced a written protocol explaining how the section worked. These protocols were compiled, producing a document describing the particulars of the United 93 morgue operation. These protocols will serve as a tool to describe morgue procedures in the event of legal proceedings.

    Given some of the concerns involving the numbering and processing of remains at previous responses, a triage station was established. Staffed by a pathologist, an anthropologist, and a dentist, the triage team sorted through the remains, first separating personal effects from remains. Once the personal effects were transferred to the FBI, the remains were examined to ascertain their potential for identification. Potentially identifiable remains were assigned a sequential number, a file was created, and the specimen was carried through the morgue operation. Non-identifiable remains were stored in containers, weighed daily, and stored in a separate area of the refrigerated truck. The triage process helped to focus work on remains that would most likely lead to identification, eliminated unidentifiable remains from the morgue flow (also reducing unnecessary paperwork), and greatly simplified the numbering system.

    The DMORT response began on September 13 and concluded on September 25. While on site, ten positive identifications were made through dental and fingerprint examinations. As of December 2001, 40 of the passengers and crew had been positively identified. Four unique DNA profiles, representing the terrorists, have also been isolated. Thus, all passengers and crew have been identified to the extent possible.

    DMORT III and their colleagues from Regions IV, V, IX, and X are honored to have served the brave passengers and crew of United 93, the “flight of heroes”. The support and camaraderie between the local officials, the FBI, and the DMORT teams proved invaluable to team morale. While isolated from the events in New York and Washington, the team focused intently on their work. Each team member held a deep understanding of the importance of their role in providing the highest level of care to these victims.

  31. A. Wright-

    Thanks for sharing. Obviously the government presented a convincing and official sounding story, hence the reason I was fooled for seven years and millions more still remain deceived. The except you provided does offer some great evidence that could be used in the new investigation. Considering that first responders reported seeing absolutely no signs of human remains………..

    and the fact that the Shanksville Coroner, Wallace Miller, was quoted in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette as, “I’ve seen a lot of highway fatalities where there’s fragmentation. The interesting thing about this particular case is that I haven’t, to this day, 11 months later, seen any single drop of blood. Not a drop.”

    You have to wonder how we could every survive without these special teams dispatched by the federal government, doesn’t it? I really have a problem with the fact that all the local first responders reported seeing absolutely no signs of human remains, yet once the FBI and specialized federal teams take over the scene, they are able to magically produce evidence that none of the first responders saw. Does this not bother you? We are all well aware that the FBI has a history of corrupted leadership as far back as J. Edgar Hoover. The local first responders reported seeing no piece of debris larger than a phonebook, yet the FBI was able to find a few larger pieces? I’m not buying it! Especially considering the wealth of evidence indicating government involvement in every thing that transpired that morning.

    If you want to get a clearer understanding of the documented facts regarding Flight 93, this site is a great starting point.

    Again, thanks for providing this information because it gives us more names to investigate!

    Daniel Bland

  32. tyree says:

    of course thier are many government documents floating around with disinformation , this opperation was well thought out the mossad probably had thier think tank goons set down and discuss what can go wrong , what do we need to convince them , what needs to be planted as evidence , and so on and so on. convinced and rightly so that the events in new york would take most of the countrys minds off a hole in the ground in penslvannia , thru deception we win, motto of the mossad!

  33. A.Wright says:

    Washington Post May 2002

    “…Miller has kept in touch with many of the families. Five months after the crash, once the long, painstaking identification process was completed, he realized he had one larger duty remaining. Finally, some fragment of each of the dead had been positively identified, either by DNA or, in a few cases, fingerprints. So now the remains were going to be returned, he says, “and some people were going to look inside the caskets and I wanted them to know it would be shocking. I had to explain . . .”

    So Miller arranged for a mass meeting at a New Jersey hotel in February at which 88 people representing 36 of the 40 families gathered with officials to discuss belated funeral arrangements and to confront other painful questions: What should happen to all the “unassociated effects,” the thousands of pieces of possessions that could not be identified? What about the ultimate resting place of the unidentifiable remains, which are commingled and include tissue of both victims and hijackers? Burial? Cremation? And where would the remains go? There are no answers yet, and some of these questions will be addressed in the memorial design process, in which Miller urged the families to collectively take a leading role. “

  34. Looks like someone had the same idea I suggested in this open letter to Charlie Sheen. We’ll have to follow this one closely………



  35. Daniel:
    911 is the wake up call, some will see it plain as day and others (even our own family members) will never see it. This great shift, that we are in, will transform those souls who are willing and able to follow their heart and go where few souls have gone before.

    Go to my website and take a look around. Now is the time to embrace the journey and uncover all that this Universe (Multiverse) has for us. We can only move forward if we let go of those who are not ready to see. Our mission is to guide willing pioneers across the rushing river to the other side (from the old paradigm to the new) and explore the wilderness so we can go back and share all that we have seen.


  36. Wonderful site, I actually discovered it to be good. I am looking forward to returning once again to catch what is current.

  37. A.Wright says:

    @Andrea Pesick
    Just wondering what your take is on all of the conspiracy theories on this page and all over the internet…?

  38. Jeremy Weaver says:

    Hello, my comments are to Charlie Sheen, 1 Ive always thought of you a good person and great actor, I loved Daniel Bland Idea to recreate the flight 93 crash, I was watching spike tv and saw a show was showing spike where these guys would recreate these crashes to do what exactly what Daniel was suggesting, maybe Charlie could use some of his stardom to perswade the spikes tv producers to recreate flight 93.

  39. UCantBeSerious says:

    Whats SICK is the fact that U just had to go and not only ADD music to the call recordings but pick the worst kind for it. Why distort it like that? Cmon duke, can U at the very least post the same call without the added distortion to it? Thanx in advance.

  40. UCantBeSerious says:

    My apologies, I didnt listen to the full recording above due to the fact that there was all that music added and it wasnt until AFTER I posted my complaint that it was brought to my attn that later on the call is without the music.

    While I will say that the whisper is incredibly bizarre,odd and suspicious, Im not fully convinced they said “u did great”. Yes, something was said, Im just not 100% convinced thats what it was. I guess one would think that if they are going to orchestrate this Global castastrophe, they wouldn’t “ruin it” with a whisper of “u did great” at the end. I would imagine nothing would be said. I want to add in ending that I DO NOT buy nor accept their explanation of what happened either. I cannot make up my mind as to what I believe. I am very much indecisive on this, a fence rider if U will. I really am just someone who is seeking the truth if thats possible and wherever that takes me then so be it. I am not a gullable naive woman who just believes the accounts of Sept 11, 2001 considering I was there (North End Ave) when the WTC was attacked and so when I heard the storys about that, knowing alot were embellished and then straight up lies, naturally I question everything else.

  41. Armani says:

    Daniel, thanks for being who you are and how you are. This is a war in discreet with covert criminals trying to sustain the manipulation of our country. I’d love to further network with you, let me know if thats possible.

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