“Maybe someday I can write more about Christian hypocrisy….”

The idea for this post came from a comment posted by Mr. R. Duane Graham of Joplin, MO on his blog, The Erstwhile Conservative.  A Blog of Repentance.  After many months of confusion and praying for God to help me understand why so many  Christian “leaders” were turning a blind eye to the obvious evil mass murders and criminal cover-up regarding the “official” conspiracy theory regarding 9/11, God chose to speak to me through a Face Book friend I have never met.  Marisela Gutierrez posted something on my FaceBook Wall she had wrote while reflecting on the 9th Anniversary of September 11, 2001.  The most amazing thing, was her letter was clearly written from a strong Christian Foundation as was made obvious with her familiarity and reference to the Word of God.  Although I had previously called upon the “self proclaimed leaders” of the Christian Church with no direct response, God sent me someone who did have the faith and conviction to address the taboo topic of 9/11 from a strong Christian perspective.

I was so excited that God had answered my prayers for reassurance by convicting Marisela to put her heart onto paper the way she did on the 9th Anniversary of the unsolved mass murder of nearly three thousand of our fellow American Citizens, that I immediately began posting comments on every Christian Blog I could find to encourage other Christians to see Marisela’s personal testimony on the subject.  Since it was by far the best example of what I would expect from a “real” Godly leader, I felt other Christians could benefit from praying about the information and scriptures she referenced in her amazing spiritual perspective.  One of the Blogs I commented on was The Erstwhile Conservative.  A Blog of Repentance, run by Mr. Duane Graham.

After my initial comment on Mr. Graham’s Blog last night, I received a response from Duane this morning.  In the most polite way he could, he retorted to calling Ms. Gutierrez a liar by erroneously claiming that Ms. Gutierrez was making false claims.  Here is his initial response to my original comment………..


I’m afraid your faith that God is speaking through 9/11 Truthers like Marisela Gutierrez is, shall we say, misplaced. Among other things, she wrote about 9/11:

The official story has, at this point, been challenged by thousands of highly credentialed technical experts and scholars, from engineers and medical doctors to firefighters and attorneys. Yet you will never hear this from mainstream media.

Listen, Daniel. This stuff is false. I don’t care if it is propagated by left-wing Bush-haters or, now, by right-wing Christian Obama-haters. There aren’t “thousands” of technicians and scholars or other experts who challenge what happened on 9/11. There are only a few cranks and crackpots. You and Ms. Gutierrez are being duped by either deluded people who want to sell you books and make you believe or by greedy people who know better but want to sell you books and make you believe because it is a good living for them.

Imagine this: If I told you that Jesus’ resurrection was faked by a conspiracy of true-believers, would you believe it? I could certainly point to inconsistencies in the Gospel accounts that would “prove” my allegation, and certainly the fact that no one had ever come back from the dead would also “prove” my contention. And I could get more than a few “experts” to prove beyond doubt that nobody comes back from the dead. But would you believe it?


Okay, so now that Duane Graham has accused someone of misrepresenting TRUTH, let’s examine the FACTS.  Ready to count?

There are now 1,309 VERIFIED Architects and Engineers for 9/11 TRUTH

I quit counting the signers of Scholars for 9/11 TRUTH & JUSTICE once I reached 700 signers and determined who was lying between Duane and Marisela.  I was able to prove Duane is no more TRUSTworthy than the mainstream corporate media.  It may not be that Duane Graham is an evil person, it could just be that he is a victim of the evil brainwashing and mind-control techniques that our controllers have been using against us for decades.  I was able to prove Duane was guilty of misinformation without even having to visit any of the other 9/11 TRUTH sites listed below.

Scientists for 9/11 TRUTH

Military Officers for 9/11 TRUTH

Fire Fighters for 9/11 TRUTH

Pilots for 9/11 TRUTH

Veterans for 9/11 TRUTH

Religious Leaders for 9/11 TRUTH

Medical Professionals for 9/11 TRUTH

Seriously Duane, even the Magicians and Illusionists have a 9/11 TRUTH Group.  I’m not sure if there is a group more qualified to pick up on the deception and “slight of hand” required to deceive almost the entire world in broad daylight.  Now that we have clearly established who is more trustworthy between Duane and Marisela, let’s get back to the subject that Duane said he wanted to write more about, Christian Hypocrisy.

So I after Duane’s comment stating that Marisela is a not being honest (calling her a liar), I tried to break it down for him in the most simple way possible.  I am copying my second comment verbatim which was submitted from my mobile phone.

Duane- I feel like God has moved into the Revelation period. Consider the following, it is supporters of the “official” evil lies regarding 9/11 who are the only conspiracy theorists among us. Most Anericans still believe the Pancake THEORY, even though the LAWS of Physics clearly demonstrate that the Pancake THEORY is scientifically impossible based on the most elementary LAWS of Physics. Are you believing God’s TRUTH, or Satans?

I work in outside sales and we were taught to use the KISS model for success. KISS is an acronym which stands for Keep It Stupid Simple.

To utilize the KISS method, please consider the following equation.

1 1 = 2

Duane- Do you believe the equation above to be……..

B). Revealed Divine TRUTH
C). Complete BS

I followed up that comment with this comment which Duane decided to censor “free speech” by not publishing.  Speaking of Christian Hypocrisy, is that why God sent Jesus to this world?  To censor speech of those he disagreed with?   Didn’t he grant us “Freedom of Choice”?  We all know our choices have consequences, but I don’t think Jesus ever blocked someone’s communication because they disagreed, did he?  Since Duane is obviously not interested in “Free Speech” or “Intelligent Debate”, I will publish the comment here along with links showing the screen shot of it which is still “Awaiting Moderation” as of 5pm this afternoon.

Daniel Edd Bland III Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
September 20, 2010 at 9:08 amReply

There has never been a Criminal Investigation into the evil mass murder of 3,000 of our fellow citizens.

Popular Mechanics did their piece supporting the givernment’s explanation before NIST had even released their report on the collapse of Building 7. That’s not science, it’s politics. Try as you may, there will be no avoiding divine TRUTH.

Here are the related LAWS of Physics pertaining to the THREE skyscrapers (damaged assymetrically) which collapsed symetrically at nearly freefall speed through the path of MOST resistence. Here these LAWS of Physics and Gravity are broken down to the most elementary form.

Squashing the Pancake THEORY with the LAWS of Physics


Video demonstrations of scientific experiments demonstrating these LAWS


If you disagree, that is okay. Just try repsonding as Jesus would do. Respond with Love, Grace, and Wisdom. Respond with TRUTH aand EVIDENCE to support your belief. Please don’t just say you don’t believe or call me a conspiracy nut. Please share with me the related science or LAWS of the universe which support your current belief about what happened on September 11, 2001.

I’m not sure why anyone would still be believing the “official 9/11 Conspiracy considering 60% of the hand picked 9/11 Commissioners have since acknowledged it does not contain the TRUTH regarding what happened that infamous September morning. The quotes on this link are referenced to mainstream sources. Just click on the link within the Commissioner’s quotes to view original source.


Please pray for guidance before responding because as Christians, you are called to set an example for other to follow. Thanks in advance!!!


Daniel Edd Bland III

Duane Graham Censored Comment Screenshot 1

Duane Graham Censored Comment Screenshot 2

After I made that comment which Duane failed to publish, he came back at 3:20PM and answered my sec0nd question, “D).  A Typo” instead of addressing the evidence I had presented as I asked.  If Duane asked himself “What would Jesus do?” like I asked, I wonder if Duane ended up making his Heavenly Father proud by the way he chose to represent him.  Christian Hypocracy, huh Duane?  Care to comment?

I will pray for everyone Duane, even my enemies who shameless try to conceal Satan’s lies.  Who knows, maybe one day we will be on the same team, just like these folks I was brought up to hate, but have since discovered a common ground much more important than our differences.  Jorts, and all!!!

Gators for 9/11 TRUTH

Grace, Love, Peace, Truth, & Justice,

Daniel Edd Bland III

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  2. OLive Farmer says:

    Hi Daniel,
    KISS is keep it simple, stupid (rather than keep it stupid, simple!)
    Keep up the good work on 9/11. The best work I have seen is that done by Dr Judy Walters, I believe it’s the most convincing explanation. (google dr walters and see her information).
    Regarding Christ and religion: I will soon be putting a book up on my site, the work on which has prevented me from blogging much (and the fact that we are out of money and have to scrabble around!)
    The book is based on years of research and concerns itself with the Mystery religion of the Chaldeans and how this dark art is used to control the world today. It also identifies, historically, the antecedents of the Christ story and how the Christian religion is not all that it seems, maybe the opposite of what it purports to be, is one of the tools of the elite.
    This is hard to come to terms with, speaking as someone baptised and confirmed in adulthood who taught Sunday school and ran the church youth organisation as I and my spouse did.
    The love of Christ is one thing, as a system of good and as something the eternal god would appreciate. Faith is another thing, as is the structure of churches and the power plays of the many evil men that use the church for evil.
    Many churches and religions are covers for the most wicked of child related crimes, owe their sacred texts to the minds of evil men rather than to god as they claim, are in fact the house of the devil masquerading as good.
    The Bible, as the Koran and the book of mormon etc etc are tools of mind control that eventually draw people further from the truth, further from god, further from good.
    The sadness is that saints (ie people who wish only good) are drawn towards this, the ultimate false flag operation of all time, responsible for countless millions of deaths and also for the censorship of truth across the globe, the very truth that will set mankind free.
    Hope I haven’t upset you.
    Many 9/11 truth sites are so evidently CIA/Mossad fronts, so many theories there to mislead, so much that appears truth in fact lies, red herrings, false trails etc.
    Like the Bible.
    Love to you, Olive x.

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